A/B testing and experimentation

NYT critique of Linkedin A/B testing and experimentation does not rings true for me. Experimentation helps companies understand the impact of their work. I do not see LinkedIn doing wrong here.

Google Updates

Feb 22: Desktop Page Experience Update

Mar 23: Product Reviews Update

This update enhances Google’s ability to identify high quality product reviews.

May 25: Core Update

Jul 27: Product Reviews Update

The 4th in its series, the update improved the initial algorithm released in March 2021. Unlike many other algorithm changes, this one was announced.

Aug 25: Helpful Content Update

An update that improve the quality of search results by promoting helpful content. The algorithm relies on machine learning to identify unhelpful content.

Sep 12: Core Update

Sep 20: Product Reviews Update

Oct 19: Spam Update

This update, targeted at fighting spam, was released worldwide and in all languages.

Which was most impactful for your website?

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