Adjust Session Timeout

Configure how long it takes a session to timeout after a user stops interacting with the website, and how long a user has to engage with site content before a session is engaged.

If you run a site with Google Analytics, you can add a Google Analytics 4 property to that site to run alongside your existing Universal Analytics property.

Your UA property is left unchanged and continues to collect data.

Check List

GA4 migration checklist from Google :

Worth Noting

Features are not currently available in GA4

  1. Calculated Metrics
  2. Annotations
  3. Campaign Timeout
  4. UTM Override
  5. Exclude hostname filters  

On a separate note, the data retention period doesn’t apply to data stored in BigQuery  – you can keep it forever there.

Data collection settings that can be migrated

As long as your Universal Analytics property data collection is implemented in gtag.js or Google Tag Manager

Official Source: Analytics Help Center

Dimensions and metrics differences

Universal Analytics GA4
Average sessions duration User engagement / Sessions
Conversion rate Conversions / Sessions
Goal completions per user Conversions / Total users
Pages / Session Views / Sessions
Value per Session Event value / Sessions
Value per User Event value / Total users

I want to understand what traffic channels are most effective in driving conversions

Access the “Advertising” section in the left-hand navigation and then click on “Conversion paths”.

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